Vintages Pre-Release Tasting — Cabernet

Thursday, 17 February 2011, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Vendange Institute, 440 Albert Street, Suite C108

Cabernets are the spotlight varietals in Vintages’ mid February release. Originating in France, Cabs are now grown throughout the world. Cabernet Franc is a key element of the Bordeaux blend but also can be found solo in excellent wines from the Loire, locally in Ontario and many other regions. Cabernet Sauvignon, possibly the most identifiable “International” grape, is a Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc cross that was discovered in the 17th century. In new and old world regions throughout the globe Cabernet Sauvignon is a dominant element of many iconic wines. Vintages promises over twenty-five wines based on Cabernet in this release so expect a good selection in varying styles from around the world across flights at this event. However we will, as always, mix in wines from the broader release to ensure an interesting and challenging tasting.

We encourage registering early. All members signed up by Sunday, February 13th will be invited to suggest a few of their choices from the release. As selections are being finalized we will consider these requests, particularly looking for popular items based on multiple choices along with any intriguing thematic suggestions.

Guild Director Mark Kilpatrick is our host for this Guild signature event. The VPR is your opportunity to “try before you buy” a number of wines to be released by Vintages on the following Saturday. Taste some selected, expensive, highly reputed wines that might not cross your palate otherwise and also have the chance to discover wines offering exceptional price/quality ratios and affordable lesser-known premium quality products that are bargains.

Members and Sponsored Guests: $50 + HST = $56.50

To register, please go to