A Word from Bill – March 2013

A sure sign that spring is around the corner is the announcement for the California Wine Show. When you register for the event, let them know that you are a Guild member to get a discount on your admission. The California show always offers a good selection of wines, although some are not immediately available. Remember, if you find something you enjoy, ask the representative when it will be available. Sometimes the product may be in the queue for an upcoming Vintages or SAQ release and they can let you know when to look for it.

We have been having a number of different events as of late that have been selling quickly and for the most part sold out. There have been a few requests for cancellations on the day of the event. The Guild has a cancellation policy that requires five (5) days notice so if you cancel on the day of the event we still have to charge you for the seat unless there is a replacement. We will try to accommodate cancellations to the best of our ability with wait lists or with replacements when possible but can’t always guaranty success. We have included the cancellation policy in the newsletter to avoid any confusion. Thanks for your understanding on this.
As you know the Guild prides ourself in our relationship with the Algonquin College Sommelier Program. The college always looks for ways to improve the program and have done so by expanding the curriculum. Many of us graduated a number of years ago and may not know that they now offer new courses that cover beer and whiskey. If you are interested in going back to school, you can find information on them at http://www.sommelier.ca. Of all the schooling that I have had, I must admit that this program offers the most enjoyable homework.

Lately, I have been contacted by a number of members that will be visiting different wine regions. Myself and other Directors have been able to provide some thoughts and recommendations based on personal experience. In some cases, I have been able to put members in touch with other members to share their experiences. Remember, we are a group that has a great passion for wine, food and travel and the best part of that is being able to share these experiences with others. I don’t think there is a wine growing area globally that one of us have not visited. Please continue to share your tasting experiences with us as Malcolm Rose, Vice-President has done in this newsletter!

In the following pages there are lots of good new events and a recap of recent ones. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

Bill Ellis President