Riesling Round-up

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Vendange Institute, 440 Albert Street

Many wine lovers would concur with celebrated wine expert Jancis Robinson, Master of Wine, who wrote, “I think that Riesling is indisputably the greatest wine grape in the world” (Jancis Robinson website, “Riesling”, Sept. 3, 2008). Robinson praises Riesling for being so good at expressing the terroir of many different regions, being aromatic (flowers, minerals, honey, nuts and citrus fruits), having lower alcohol levels, refreshing character and ageing capacity and producing a range of wine styles.

In the first Guild Riesling tasting since Guild Director Robert White’s excellent “Remarkable Riesling” tasting in June 2009, Guild Director Larry Woods will lead us through a tasting of a variety of styles of Riesling from dry to sweet, young to several years old, from nine or ten different New World and Old World regions, including one of the wines from the 2009 tasting.

Members: $50.85
Sponsored Guests: $62.15

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