A Word from Bill – November 2013

The Ottawa Food and Wine Festival is now over for 2013 and I’d like to thank all of the members that helped in the organization and serving of the Taste & Discover Series. I have been contacted by presenters, distributors and show officials alike and they were all appreciative of your efforts. There will be another opportunity for those interested in volunteering again at the spring show.

Moving forward we have a number of upcoming events to round out the year with two more VPRs, one being the ever popular “Holiday Fizz”. The fizz tasting sells out quickly, so if you are reading my column and intend to attend, I would suggest that you sign up now!

Speaking of holiday, we have included some information and a date placeholder for our annual Guild Gala. After a number of exceptional events at the National Arts Centre, we will be returning there to enjoy fine wines selected to pair with a multi-course dinner specially prepared by Executive Chef Morris. The Guild supplements the wine budget for this event allowing for upgraded wine making this event a particularly good deal, not to mention a wonderful way to enjoy the company of those who enjoy good food and wine. We will hold the Gala after the holidays– consider it a bit of a respite after surviving the hectic Christmas season.

Moving into next year, we will be introducing a new tasting concept— the Century Club. The idea behind the Century Club will appeal to those interested in an educational series that will focus on unusual single varietal wines. We are putting the finishing touches on the series and feel that this will meet with our mission of wine education. Stay tuned for details in an upcoming newsletter.

By the way, at the Festival this past weekend, we had a chance to speak with a number of our friends in the industry and have a number of new and unique events on the drawing board for 2014!

Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.

Bill Ellis