Century Club Varietal Tracking Spreadsheet

Are you stuck in a rut, always buying the same wines or types of wine? Wondering what to try next?  How about a glass of Grillo, Temjanika, Jacquère, Agiorgitiko, Feteasca Neagra, Vranac or some other esoteric varietal?

Curious? Then our newly created Century Varietal Club will be of interest! The concept was created by a couple of New Yorkers, with the goal of tasting 100 different grape varieties. (Yup we are borrowing their great idea!) Extreme wine tasting? Maybe not, but that sure makes it sound exciting, doesn’t it?

Keeping track of 100 varietals is a lot of work. We’ve created a spreadsheet to help you along, so you know exactly when to raise a glass in celebration of your 100 varietal milestone!

Century Club Tracking & Application Spreadsheet [Excel Spreadsheet]