A Word from Bill — April 2014

In the dead of winter, thoughts of patios and barbeque are the furthest thing from most of our minds, but spring has finally arrived! A couple of weekends ago, in celebration of this event, thousands of people assembled at the E&Y Centre for the first spring Wine and Food Festival “Eat Drink Spring”. The Guild provided knowledgable volunteers to pour and talk about 100 wines chosen based on five themes: barbeque, bubbles, value, patio and special occasions. The event was well attended and gave members a chance to do what they love most, interact with people that have a desire to learn more about wine.

The Guild, a non-profit organization, receives a monetary gift for our work at the festival. You may not know this, but the Guild has numerous annual fixed costs, the most expensive of which is liability insurance for our events. Thanks to generous contributions through the Ottawa Food and Wine Festival we are able to continue to run our events on a break-even basis, keeping the cost of events down. I would like to thank our members for working at the event. I?m glad you had a blast helping out! Thanks as well to show owner, Joan Culliton, for her generous contribution as well as for giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge with show attendees.

It was encouraging to see people embracing this as an opportunity to learn and, of course, have fun. For all members interested, we will have an opportunity in the fall to do it again.

The Guild Board of Directors recently sent out a survey to members. I hope that you?ve had a chance to respond—it only takes a few minutes. Although most our events are selling out, we want to ensure that we are organizing events and providing benefits that members want and the survey will help us do that. If you have not received the survey, please contact me and I will send you the link. Our commitment is to deliver excellence. This is your opportunity to help us do that.

Spring brings some good wine events to Ottawa, including the California Wine Show that occurred this past weekend and the upcoming New Zealand Wine Show in May. We have included information on registration details in the newsletter. If you are a New Zealand wine lover, this event only comes to Ottawa every second year, so get your ticket soon.

I look forward to sharing a glass of wine with you as we finally watch the snow melt!

Cheers, Bill Ellis, President