A Word From Bill – June 2014

I want to thank all of our current and past members who responded to our recent survey. We were encouraged to see that 146 of you took an interest in improving the Guild. As an organization we endeavor to provide events that are interesting, enjoyable and educational for our members. We received feedback on everything from the type of events we run, the frequency, days of the week and times events are held as well as location. Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated and will be used to shape future events. Please watch for more detail on the results of the survey.

At an event this week, I had the opportunity to discuss the impact that technology has had on wine knowledge. Most of us now have an iPhone or Android device, which has opened up a raft of applications (or apps) at our fingertips. I have about 20 apps, many of which I use with some frequency. At $3-$5, they don’t break the bank! These little icons link to quick answers to questions, tons of information, reading material for trips or just some fun facts. Almost any information we need is only a few clicks away.

The LCBO and SAQ applications have been a great way to save time (and gas) when shopping for wine— listing stores that have the wine I’m looking for. A few apps allow you to

store your favorites as well as your thoughts and reviews of the wines you like. And let’s face it, although bloggers and wine writers are good guides, your palate is your ultimate guide! I like Vivino and Vin-go. There are other apps that allow me to focus more specifically on wine regions of interest. In an upcoming newsletter, I will add a review of apps specific to wine and food—and I’d like your help. Please tell me about any wine-related apps that you use to learn, shop or taste along with a few thoughts why you like it.

Now it’s time for our summer break. Over the years, we’ve come to recognize that travel and vacation rather than wine tasting is top of mind over the summer. There is a possibility we may hold a summer event such as small plates paired with summer wines or a BBQ. If we do run an event, we’ll give you plenty of notice for planning purposes.

Just a reminder that our Annual General Meeting is this Tuesday. It’s a great opportunity to mingle with other members and provide input for tastings this upcoming year.

Now, enjoy some good wine and have a great summer!

Cheers, Bill Ellis,