A Word From Bill — May 2015

After a long cold winter and we’ve jumped right into spring now that the California Wine Show and the Ottawa Food and Wine Festival Eat, Drink Spring Edition are in the books. With those behind us it’s time to look toward summer events in the region and beyond. I’d like to thank the volunteers for helping pour at Eat, Drink, Spring.

As always, Guild members volunteered their time and worked the event. Again, it was interesting how many people attending benefitted from Guild members sharing their knowledge. For those who asked, when pouring at these events, the Smart Serve certification is a good idea. It’s about learning and protecting everyone from liability issues (both the Guild’s and your own). As we are all around alcohol, it’s a good practice to be certified, the course is inexpensive at $34.95 + GST and is easily taken online at https://www.smartserve.ca. The course requires an investment of only a few hours of your time, so please consider it. It’s good to have.

It’s time to look at our vast amount of local produce and products now that farmers markets will be in place for the season. At some markets you can even find wine now that distribution rules have been modified. With the change, its easier to get some good local wines as well as other Ontario wines to pair with your meal. Hey Ontario, what next? Wine and beer in retail stores as they have in Quebec … did I really say that?

We have some upcoming events announced in the newsletter that I’m sure you’ll find interesting. These include a food and wine pairing event at Canvas that is focused on Directors picks for the summer now that BBQ time is here. Beyond that there are discussions on a few summer events, one centered around combining food and wine at the ballpark, which should be lots of fun, and the possibility of a garden party with a dear friend in August. For the last few years we have backed away from summer events due to members busy schedule, so if you are in favour of these events please reach out to me and let me know.

One last note, as our tastings are selling out please sign up early. Also just a reminder that our AGM is coming up in June at the college. Lots of events coming so here’s looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!


Bill Ellis,