Dominion City Brewing Co. Tour and Tasting

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reported by Marie-France Boudreault-Champagne and Dawn Harvie

If you didn’t make it to the Dominion City Brewing Co. tour and tasting, you missed a great event! Assistant Brewer Scott Denwar gave us a tour of the facility, describing their brewing philosophy and process. One of the really great things about this brewery is their focus on community support and sustainability.

We tasted four of their brews and paired these with a variety of cheeses. They have three “mainstays”—Town and Country Blonde Ale, Earl Grey Marmalade Saison and the Two Flags IPA. And then they do a variety of specialty and terroir beers. We tasted the Lost Train Oatmeal Stout, which is in the family of terroir beers. These were paired with a variety of cheeses.

The Town and Country Blonde Ale is a fantastic, easy drinking beer with nice flavours. It was paired with mild Avarti and it was a great combination.

The Earl Grey Marmalade Saison was a big favourite for a lot of folks at the tasting and was one of the most requested for the full pint that we got as part of the tasting. It was paired with a goat cheese and it was an undeniably amazing flavour sensation. The beer is easy and delicious with loads of fruit—from the zest and peel of more than 250 oranges. The fruit of the orange is donated to the Ottawa Food Bank. (The Earl Grey Marmalade Saison is now a regular feature in Dawn’s fridge!)

The Two Flags IPA had lots of hoppy flavours that were refreshing rather than overwhelming. There was a nice citrus balance to them. It was great with the 4-year-old Comté. Honestly, all the beer/cheese matches were great.

The Lost Train Oatmeal Stout was a light-tasting stout—and light is not a typical word I would use with stout, but it exemplifies its easy-drinking manner. It had a classic roasted, toasty flavours of an oatmeal stout. It was paired with smoked cheddar —another nice pairing.

If you have an opportunity, I highly recommend you check out Dominion City Brewing Co. at #15-5510 Canotek open Thursday to Sunday (check specific hours on their website).

The beers are available in grumblers (750 ml) and growlers (1.89 l). There is a deposit required for the bottles, but you either get that back when you return the bottle or you don’t get charged again if you get another bottle. And if you’re hosting an event, you can also get a keg. The beer is also available in various restaurants around Ottawa.