The Wines of Pearl-Morissette: An Exploration of Terroir and Vintage

Thursday, February 4, 2016, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Vendange Institute 440 Albert Street, Suite C108

In a continuation of the Guild’s exploration of some of Ontario’s unique wineries and vineyards (e.g. Lowrey Vinyard tasting back in October), the Guild has been able to source a six-year vertical of PearlMorissette’s Chardonnay (2008-2013), and three-year verticals of their Black Ball Riesling and Cabernet Franc (2010-2012), plus their much sought after 2012 Pinot Noir (sold out through Vintages on-line in five minutes— not the Pinot Noir at the Lowrey tasting) and a just released 2012 Pinot Noir from their California project. Pearl-Morissette uses only wild yeasts with minimal intervention to allow both the terroir and vintage to shine through. Their Rieslings were so unique that the VQA tasting panel rejected the 2010 version four times, hence Pearl-Morissette named it Black Ball. Now they sell out through Vintages on-line in a matter of minutes.

To give you a sense of the care which Pearl-Morissette puts into their wines, the following is how they make their Riesling. Grapes are picked based on skin ripeness and then are whole cluster gently pressed. The juice first goes into stainless still tanks and are then transferred to old neutral foudres imported from Alsace. The wine is fermented bone dry with wild yeast and then goes through 100% malolatic fermentation. The wine is bottled without filtering or fining. Pearl-Morissette wines are very similar in style to the wines which Veronique Rivest served for the Guild dinner at Soif last year which is unusual in Canada.

Please join Guild Director Rod Story to explore another fascinating Niagara winery, its vintages and terroir, as we taste through this unique collection of wines.

Members: ($50+HST) $56.50
Sponsored Guests: ($60+HST) $67.80

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