Vintages Pre-Release Tasting—“Judgement of Paris” Edition

Thursday, May 26, 2016 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Vendange Institute 440 Albert Street, Suite C108

The Judgement of Paris tasting that created global controversy was in 1976, 40 years ago … how time flies!

The May 28, 2016, Vintages release will feature selected wines that are current vintages of the original wines tasted as well as others similar and representative of the competition. We will run our own Ottawa “Judgement”; tasting blind, we will see what attendees think of our own France versus United States tasting. Given unique quality of wines available this will be a premium Vintages Pre-Release (VPR).We will taste a good selection of California and French wines plus other recommended comparison wines, highlighting the similarities and differences in the varietals, winemaking technique and terroir. As this release is solely focused on the Napa wines we will be selecting French wines out of Vintages from a few recent releases to fulfill the competitive range. The VPR is an opportunity to “try before you buy” a number of wines to be released by Vintages on the following Saturday. Taste some selected, highly reputed wines that you might know and also have the chance to discover wines offering exceptional price/quality ratios and affordable lesser-known premium quality products.

This event is hosted by Bill Ellis and Ian Duncan, both of whom have travelled and have a knowledge of these regions which will help add to the enjoyment and educational aspects of the tasting. It should be good fun to be our own board of judges and declare the Ottawa winners.

Members: ($76+HST) $85.88
Sponsored Guests: ($86+HST) $97.18

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