A Word from Bill — May 2016

As we get closer to the summer break we seem to be busier than ever! At our Wine and Dine event at the NAC a number of our members were on hand to see us award our Wine Person of the Year to Derek Barnett. Although based in Niagara, Derek has been committed to educating the Ottawa wine market and had the vision to introduce Niagara Wine Futures to the market. Modeled after the French example after barrel sampling locally National Capital wine lovers were able to order some great product for future delivery. Always a good friend and dedicated supporter of our market all were in agreement that Derek was a very worthy recipient. Congratulations!

In a bold move, the Eat, Drink, Spring event was moved to Festival Plaza downtown. Running a wine event outdoors requires good planning and good luck with the weather. Attendees liked the new venue and enjoyed the format. I would like to thank all of the volunteers that gave their time to assist in pouring and discussing the wines with the attendees. I again had many comments on how enjoyable the experience is when Guild members are able to help. Your Guild also thanks you as these events are fundraisers allowing us to offset operational costs. Without your kind assistance we couldn’t run our events on a break even basis and provide you the value that is expected. Thanks!

We again have a full slate of events including our own Ottawa “Judgement at Paris Recreation” of sorts, the Annual General Meeting and an extensive Southbrook tasting with a few surprises from Derek Barnett’s new venture and a micro brewery tasting at Covered Bridge in Stittsville. Shortly after these events we’ll be into the summer break and summer vacations—if summer ever arrives—so unless something interesting to offer to members is available we will no be holding events.

Lastly, I wanted to mention our Twitter account. Our Twitter handle is @SOMMGuildYOW. If you’d like to follow us or tweet from our events, we’d be happy to have the help. This also makes it easier for those that may not be able to attend an event such as a Vintages PreRelease tasting to get updates on what members thoughts are. We’ve tried it at a few events and think it is a great tool. Please join us, we’d love the company.

Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!


Bill Ellis, President